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Assem gives to its members the chance to play an active role in protecting and promoting the professional, ethical and material interests of the Fashion System Industry.

All operators of this sector are familiar with the issues relating to the daily management of this as well as the problems connected to the modelling industry.

Some examples are: business and working visas, form of payment, contracts, regulation of minors, usage and rights.

These problems often arise from the existence of very old laws or due to the lack of clear rules that inevitably hinder the daily activities of our business.

Through Assem you will find solutions to the various problems concerning the Fashion industry: a safe and professional way to promote coordinated actions with the common goal of achieving normative regulations

Assem will help simplify and coordinate the business relationship between the associated companies and the clients and institutions.

Moreover, Assem guarantees high visibility and acknowledges the professional reputation of its associates as opposed to those many “last –minute” operators whose unprofessional methods continue to damage the Italian Fashion System.

Assem offers to its associates several useful services which are the result of the works and experience achieved by its Founder members throughout all these years, along with its staff made up of professional business consultants.

Please fill out the “application form” and send it back to Assem along with:
Your application will be evaluated by the Managing members.
The membership gives access the “Member area” and to several services offered by Assem.
You can also apply for fee paying services such as invitation letters for business and working visas and the issuance of ASSEM VISTO MODA CARD.

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